1. Login to gmail
2. On the left-hand corner, click settings
3. Select settings in the dropdown.
4. Select the accounts and import tab
5. Click ‘ADD POP3 mail accounts for you own’
6. Enter your email(webmail) and click next step
7. Enter your full email address(webmail) in the Username field and your webmail password.
8. Choose any other thing you may want but don’t change the server or the port number’leave them as they are.
9. Click add account.
10. On the next step,check the first box(yes I want to be able to send mails) Click next step
11. Check the box(treat as an alias) and click next
12. -Smtp server: mail.yourdomainname
-username: your full email address(webmail)
-passsword: webmail password
-Choose Port 25 (Non SSL) or 465 (SSL).
13. click add account.
14. enjoy.